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Johannistag Navy Strength Old Tom from Orkney Gin Company.

Published: 23rd November 2018

To mark and pay tribute to an event that shaped WW1 and the Orkney Islands forever, the Orkney Gin Company have created a very special commemorative Scottish Gin. Cold compounded and bottled at 57%, their new Johannistag Navy Strength Old Tom will initially be available as a batch of 500 released at the end of November to coincide with the date the German Imperial Navy entered Scapa Flow. Another 500 bottles will be release to commemorate the final event that would forever tie Scapa Flow to the history books as a place of historical importance to WW1.

After the Armistice was announced it was decided that the German Imperial Navy should be taken off the high seas and it was agreed the fleet would be harboured at the Royal Navy’s base at Scapa Flow in Orkney. This was agreed as part of the Armistice that brought an end to WW1.

Whilst negotiations took place over the fate of the ships, which were still crewed by German sailors and under the command of Admiral Ludwig von Reuter, out of fear of what  would happen to the fleet, as it had been rumoured the fleet would be divided amongst the allied powers, the Admiral gave the order to scuttle the fleet.

On June 21st 1919 the order was given by Admiral Ludwig von Reuter that the entire German Imperial Navy should be scuttled. When the British guard ships realised what was happening they managed to board and take control of a few of the ships and beach them, but out of the 74 ships sitting in Scapa Flow, 52 were sank.

Johannistag is a first for Scottish Gin – it’s both a Navy Strength gin at 57% ABV and also an Old Tom style gin, which is a sweeter style of gin that normally uses sugar. Johannistag uses Orcadian honey sourced in nearby Shapinsay to create the slightly sweeter taste. Along with a variety of botanicals that reflect Orkney’s summer months including juniper, honey, rose and heather flower, the name also links to the long summer months on the island. Johannistag is also German for Mid Summers Day or St Johns Day.

A percentage of the profits raised from the sale of Johannistag will be donated to Orkney’s RNLI, a vital service that was officially established in 1972. The crews have been awarded three medals for gallantry during their lifesaving history.

This gin is available to buy from the Orkney Gin Company website here, locally from shops and pubs in Orkney and at the Aberdeen Whisky Shop.

You can learn more about Orkney Gin Company here.

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