Port of Leith Distillery

Leith, Scotland
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For many centuries, the Port of Leith was Scotland’s premier port for goods coming into Scotland, including spices, botanicals and spirits including rum from the Caribbean and Jenever from Holland. A number of distilleries popped up and kept weary sailors in high spirits. Fast forward to the present day and you’ll find the current Port of Leith Distillery tucked away, a stone’s throw from the docks.

Established by two friends, the Port of Leith Distillery’s talented distillers currently produce a variety of crafted spirits including Sherry and Gin. 2019 will see construction begin on their new purpose-built distillery that overlooks the Firth of Forth. The distillery will be Scotland’s first vertical distillery and will add a new chapter to the story of Leith’s distillation history.

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Lind & Lime Gin

The flavour profile for this gin is based around one of Leith’s historical maritime figures and the Port of Leith’s ties as one of Scotland’s most important historical trading ports. James Lind was an Edinburgh born Ship’s Surgeon aboard the HMS Salisbury. Scurvy was rife at the time due to a lack of Vitamin C. Lind carried out a number of trials that showed citrus fruit improved the sailor’s health. Although Lind missed the significance of this observation, he is recognised for pioneering the concept of a ‘fair trial’. Lind & Lime Gin is created using seven carefully curated botanicals that work in harmony to create a fresh and balanced flavour profile.


Key Botanical(s): Lime, Pink Peppercorn
Gin Style: London Dry
Strength: 45% vol
Distilled: Tower Street Stillhouse, Scotland

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Tonic and ice.

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