Lochaber Gin

Fort William, Highland, Scotland
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Sheltered at the foot of Scotland and the UK’s tallest mountain, Ben Nevis, you’ll find the town of Fort William and the makers of Lochaber Gin. Established in 2017 by Andi Woodward and Iain Kenney, the creation of Lochaber Gin was something they had considered for a long time. As the owners of an artisan deli, cafe and shop, selling a wide range of crafted Scottish produce, including Scottish Gin, they had often thought how great it would be to create a gin that was linked to the local area.

They set to work devising a recipe that included Amarillo Beer Hops ,which would give a richer, oil infused flavour delivering earthy and citrus tones. Over the course of development some botanicals were dropped and some were added until the recipe delivered the flavour profile that captured the Lochaber landscape and local botanicals.

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Lochaber Gin

The packaging for Lochaber Gin takes it’s inspiration from the local Sleeping Lady mountain. The label was created by local artist Lucy Joy, and represents the mountain range and the shape of the sleeping lady. The gin itself is described as delicate grapefruit and orange with robust earthy, green, herbaceous tones on the nose. Once tasted a burst of citrus floods in and the green, herby flavour is toned down and delivered with a very smooth mouth feel and pleasing finish.


Key Botanical(s): Juniper, Amarillo Beer Hops
Gin Style: London Dry
Strength: 42% vol
Goes great with: A slice of pink grapefruit, Mediterranean tonic and ice.


Method: Distilled (Contract)
Location: Persie Distillery, Perth & Kinross, Scotland


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