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Isle of Harris, Scotland
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Established in 2015, The Isle of Harris Distillery is known by many as ‘The Social Distillery’, an ethos which embraces the generous character of the island and the people who live there. Although very much a working distillery, the doors are open six days a week, to connect with all those who want to learn more about the distillery’s story. A peat fire burns at the heart of the building providing a warm Outer Hebridean welcome to all who visit.

There is a deep belief that the island’s natural assets can be harnessed to address the acute economic problems through ambitious projects like the distillery, helping highlight the special place that is the Isle of Harris and its qualities to the attention of a wider audience.

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Isle of Harris Gin

Every drop of Isle of Harris Gin is distilled in Tarbert in a small copper gin still, known affectionately as ‘The Dottach’, named after a similarly fiery and feisty local woman. The Dottach imbues the island spirit with the complex delights of 9 carefully chosen botanicals as the distillery seeks to capture the elemental nature of the island, particularly the maritime influences of the surrounding seas. Of all the botanicals, it is the hand-harvested sugar kelp which is key to the subtle coastal notes that mark out the spirit.


Key Botanical(s): Sugar Kelp, Bitter Orange Peel, Cubebs
Gin Style: London Dry
Strength: 45% vol
Distilled: Isle of Harris Distillery, Scotland

Goes great with

A wedge of red grapefruit, tonic and ice.

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