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Leith, Scotland
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Established in 2017 by product designer, photographer and distiller James Porteous, Achroous Gin is the flagship release from Electric Spirit Co. Completing a Masters Degree in distillation at Edinburgh’s Heriot-Watt University, famous amongst the distillation world for its courses and facilities, James set to work setting up the Electric Spirit Co. and started work on his signature spirit – Achroous Gin. James is eager that the spirits he produces combine both craft and flavour.

Working from his distillery facility in Leith, James has created a number of limited edition spirits for special events in the city including Gin #00 Festival Gin, which was made for the North Hop Festival and Gorse spirit which was sold at Edinburgh’s Timberyard Restaurant.

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Achroous Gin

Apart from Juniper, The Electric Spirt Co. opted for non-traditional botanicals including Sichuan Pepper, which adds a woody, floral warmth and spice to the taste. Sensitively made so the botanicals blend and compliment the faint aniseed and herbal kick of fennel.


Key Botanical(s): Sichuan Pepper, Fennel Seed, Coriander Seed
Strength: 41% vol
Distilled: The Tower Street Stillhouse, Scotland

Goes great with

Tonic and ice.

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