Our story

Raising the bar for Scottish Gin.

First and foremost, we love Scottish Gin. Gin has been our go to drink for the last 15 years and between us we’ve tried over 500 gins from a roster of international brands. From small batch limited editions to commercially available gins we really, really like our gin.

We’re certainly not gin reviewers and simply don’t have the noses, palates or experience to claim we know everything there is to know about gin tasting. Nor are we gin makers – we know how gin is made in theory but in practice we aren’t entirely confident we could make a gin that wouldn’t leave you in hospital or with a year long hangover, so we’ll leave the gin making to the expert distillers and craft gin makers.

What we also love, as well as a good gin, is a great story and the power of crafting something from nothing. We were keen to further our knowledge of Scottish Gin as we found ourselves exploring more and more gins made here in Scotland. We soon discovered there was a lot of love, dedication, craft and a fantastic range and diversity across the world of Scottish Gin.

In our quest to discover more about Scottish Gin, we soon realised there is no single website that had the information we were looking for to help aid us with our Scottish Gin journey. Yes there are lots of great resources and websites about Scottish Gin and gin as a wider topic and these were all useful in helping us learn more and we greatly respect and admire all the individuals, organisations and businesses who all play a vital role in spreading the word about Scottish Gin. But for us as gin drinkers we still felt there were some blanks in the story of Scottish Gin and thought why don’t we do something ourselves.

In December 2017, with our background in design, photography, marketing and love of Scottish Gin, The Gin Cooperative was born. Natalie gave up her career in the oil & gas industry to set-up a business for herself based around something she was passionate about – Scottish Gin. The aim was to provide the consumer with a fantastic, high quality, content rich resource to help them discover more about the world of Scottish Gin.

To do this we spent an intensive 4 month period carrying out research, speaking with and visiting gin makers, literally climbing mountains and wading through rivers to capture the perfect photo to provide some background and narrative to the many Scottish Gins. We have thrown ourselves into this new venture and worked hard to get the website off the ground, having invested countless hours and financed the project ourselves. We take the promotion of Scottish Gin very seriously and we see it as an ongoing full time job.

We wanted to make sure all Scottish Gin makers were given the opportunity to tell their story, showcase their gins and give the consumer an opportunity to discover more by visiting the gin makers’ websites and social media pages.

We also wanted to create original Scottish Gin editorial and content that we found interesting and fun as gin drinkers. We intend to continue providing some really great Scottish Gin content and build upon what we created in early 2018.

As well as providing a fantastic resource for the consumer, we also wanted to make sure that Scottish Gin makers can benefit from The Gin Cooperative and some of the brands and businesses we’ve spoken with, who have been extremely supportive and agreed to be part of this exciting new business, quite literally, The Gin Cooperative. These include some of the world’s premium tonic makers and an impressive selection of the world’s best gin bars and cocktail bars, most of whom are consistently found in the world’s best bars lists. We believe the attraction of having over 100 individual Scottish Gin maker profiles along with over 300 individually profiled gins, an exciting range of Scottish Gin cocktails, a showcase of the perfect tonics and mixers, an insight into some of the best bars in the world and Scottish Gin focussed events, will help us raise the profile of Scottish Gin and help tell the story to an international audience.

We’re very proud of what we’ve created and very much look forward to developing our website and social media networks as the Scottish Gin sector continues to grow. Raising a glass to all Scottish Gin makers, drinkers and everyone involved with Scottish Gin who make it, what we consider to be, the best gin in the world – bar none.

Slange var – Natalie & Martin, The Gin Cooperative

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