Zesty Mearns

Shaken & Stirred, inspired by Scotland's gin makers.

In our Shaken & Stirred series, we ask Scotland’s Gin makers what cocktail works perfectly with their Scottish Gin and, just as importantly, how can we make it at home?

This Zesty Mearns cocktail has been created by the team behind Alexander’s Gin, using their quite sublime Alexander’s Gin as the base. A traditional London Dry gin, handcrafted in batches of 100, Alexander’s Gin is juniper forward with warming notes of orange and spice. The combination of lime, marmalade and fresh ginger in this cocktail packs a sweet zingy citrus punch.

One of Scotland’s most famous castles in Scotland, Dunnotar Castle, was once the centre of local administration for The Mearns region of Scotland, now named Kincardineshire. In homage to the castle and the local area where Alexander’s Gin is based they came up with the Zesty Mearns.


• 60ml Alexander’s Gin
• 40ml Sugar syrup

• 25ml Fresh lime juice 
• 1 tsp Orange thin cut marmalade

• 1 tsp finely cut fresh ginger

These measures are a guide only and can be tailored to suit your own personal taste.


Combine all ingredients and dry shake until marmalade dissolves. Add crushed ice and shake vigorously for 10 seconds. Loosely strain into a martini glass and then top up with the original crushed ice and ‘good bits’ left from shaker.

Have fun and enjoy your drink responsibly.

To find out more about Alexander’s Gin, visit their page here.

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