Shaken & Stirred, inspired by Scotland's gin makers.

In our Shaken & Stirred series, we ask Scotland’s Gin makers what cocktail works perfectly with their Scottish Gin and, just as importantly, how can we make it at home?

In this episode, Avva Scottish Gin has collaborated with one of their fellow Speyside producers, the world renowned Baxters. “Be different, be better”… the words of George Baxter encapsulate such a simple principle, yet they laid the foundations for this Scottish family business that has spanned four generations, now celebrating over 150 years in business.

Avva Scottish Gin is the main sponsor at the upcoming Speyfest weekend, which celebrates the best in traditional and contemporary Celtic music. It takes place 26th – 28th July 2019 and this cocktail will be featured in the VIP area. Alternatively, here’s what you need to make this Speyside inspired cocktail at home…


• 50ml Avva Scottish Gin
• 1 tsp Baxter’s Passionfruit & Mango Curd

• A squeeze of fresh lime juice 
• Tonic water

• A slice of lime, to garnish

These measures are a guide only and can be tailored to suit your own personal taste.


Combine the gin, curd and lime juice together and shake hard over ice. Strain into a tall, chilled glass and top up with quality tonic water. Garnish with lime wheel.

Have fun and enjoy your drink responsibly.

To find out more about Avva Scottish Gin, visit their page here.

To find out more about Baxters, visit their website here.

To buy tickets to Speyside, visit their website here.

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