Awards Round Up 2018

Award winning Scottish Gins in 2018.

Published: 7th August 2018

With Scottish Gin scooping accolades and awards from some of the world’s most respected and prestigious drinks and spirits awards competitions in 2018, we wanted to collate who’s won what so far in 2018.

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Some of the Scottish Gins listed below have also won other awards from a variety of non-spirits specific organisations including business groups, tourism bodies, publications, newspapers and more. We’ve decided to focus on the awards that we feel are the most important (plus there are so many additional awards we would literally never get this article finished!)

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners at the second annual Scottish Gin Awards, which took place in Glasgow in September. Winners have been added to this round-up. Other highlights so far this year include the most awarded, which are the gins from The Glasgow Distillery Company and their Maker Gin range. The only Scottish Gin to win gold at the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) was Esker Spirits and their Esker Honey Spiced Gin. It’s also been great to see new Scottish Gins on the market winning awards including Bigger Gin from The Bigger Gin Company, who were awarded Best London Dry from The Gin Guide Awards, Raven Spirits’ Thought & Memory won Gold in the London Dry category at the The Global Spirits Masters, Garden Shed Gin from The Garden Shed Drinks Company won a Silver at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and Old Posion Distillery’s Selkie London Dry Gin was awarded an IWSC Bronze. These are just a few of many highlights so far that have seen Scottish Gin making it’s mark on the global gin and spirits industry.

And without further ado the awards for 2018 include…

Arbikie Highland Estate, Kirsty’s Gin

Beinn an Tuirc

Beinn an Tuirc, Kintyre Botanical Gin

Boë, Scottish Gin

Boë, Violet Gin

Caorunn, Caorunn Scottish Gin

Crafty Distillery, Hills & Harbour Gin

Crossbill Distilling, Highland Dry Gin

Deerness Distillery, Sea Glass Gin

Dunnet Bay Distillers, Rock Rose Autumn Edition Gin

Eden Mill

Eden Mill, Original Gin

Eden Mill, Oak Gin

Edinburgh Gin

Edinburgh Gin, Cannonball Gin

Edinburgh Gin, 1670 Gin

Edinburgh Gin, Cannonball Gin

Electric Spirit

Esker Spirits, Esker Gin

Esker Spirits, Esker Honey Spiced Gin

Gleann Mór Spirits Company, Firkin Gin

Gleann Mór Spirits Company, Firkin Rosie Gin

Gleann Mór Spirits Company, Firkin Try Me Gin

Granite North, Granite North Scottish Gin

Isle of Harris Distillers, Isle of Harris Gin

Isle of Skye Distillers, Misty Isle Gin

Isle of Skye Distillers, Tommy’s Gin

LoneWolf Spirits, LoneWolf Gin

Lundin Distilling, Gorse Coastal Gin

McQueen Gin, Sweet Citrus Gin

McQueen Gin, Mocha Gin

McQueen Gin, Spiced Chocolate Orange Gin

Old Poison, Selkie London Dry Gin

Orkney Distilling, Kirkjuvagr Arkh-Angell Storm Strength Orkney Gin

Orkney Distilling, Kirkjuvagr Orkney Gin

Orkney Gin Company, Johnsmas Gin

Orkney Gin Company, Mikkelmas Gin

Orkney Gin Company, Rhubarb Old Tom Gin

Persie Distillery

Persie Distillery, Dogs Days Summer Gin

Pickering’s Gin, Scottish Botanicals Gin

Pickering’s Gin, Navy Strength Gin

Pickering’s Gin, Original 1947 Gin

Pickering’s Gin, Islay Oak Aged Gin

Pickering’s Gin, Tattoo Edition Gin

Pixel Spirits, Devil’s Staircase Highland Spiced Gin

Raven Spirits, Thought & Memory

Redcastle Spirits, Redcastle Scottish Gin

Shetland Reel, Simmer Gin

Still River, Uncut

Strathearn Distillery, Heather Rose Gin

The Biggar Gin Co., Biggar Gin

The Botanist, The Botanist Islay Dry Gin

The Garden Shed Drinks Company

The Glasgow Distillery Company, Makar Cask Matured Mulberry Aged Gin

The Glasgow Distillery Company, Makar Cask Matured Oak Aged Gin

The Glasgow Distillery Company, Makar Glasgow’s Original Dry Gin

The Lost Loch Distillery, eeNoo Gin 

The Old Curiosity Distillery, Geranium & Mallow

The ORO Distilling Co., ORO Gin 

The ORO Distilling Co., ORO V Gin 

The Teasmith, The Teasmith Original Gin

Verdant Spirit Co., Verdant Dry Gin

Wild Thyme Spirits, Colonsay Gin

A big congratulations to all the award-winning Scottish Gins, Scottish Gin makers and businesses who have been internationally recognised as being excellent producers of world class Scottish Gin. With Scottish Gin makers collectively winning over 100 awards so far this year, it’s testament to the quality of the spirits being produced here in Scotland. It’s also a reflection of the time, effort, hard work and investment these gin makers have given choosing to make their Scottish Gin here in Scotland.

We also understand that some gin makers don’t enter awards or haven’t entered any this year. With so much fantastic Scottish Gin currently being produced, we see all Scottish Gin makers as equals and peers and we should all be extremely proud of helping raise the profile of Scottish Gin and producing what we consider to be the very best gin in the world.

About the Awards

We’ve given a brief overview of some of the most well known awards organisations.

Scottish Gin Awards

The Scottish Gin Awards was founded in 2016 and is run for the benefit of the Scottish Gin sector, with the objective of celebrating and promoting the growing range of high quality gins made in Scotland.

The independent competition is judged by a panel of experts drawn from across the sector, bringing together industry experience and market knowledge to recognise the greatest achievements in the Scottish Gin industry.

International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC)

The International Wine and Spirit Competition was founded in 1969 and is the premier competition of its kind in the world. Its aim is to promote the quality and excellence of the world’s best wines, spirits and liqueurs.

The Competition receives entries from nearly 90 countries worldwide. No matter where the entry originates, whether it is youthful or aged, it is judged according to its class and treated with respect and consideration.

The Competition has the support of many of the world’s top wine and spirit producers, because it sets the international benchmark for quality. The unique combination of detailed technical analysis and specialist judging panels means that gaining a Competition Award is an exceptional achievement.

San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC)

Since its introduction in 2000, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition has become the most respected and influential spirits competition in the world. Emphasising integrity and impartiality, the SFWSC takes great pride in ensuring that all entries are treated with equal care and consideration by the panels of carefully selected spirits industry experts. 

SFWSC winners range from some of the most renowned international distillers to small-batch producers. Not only is a SFWSC medal a testament to producer’s hard work, it’s a universally recognised indicator of exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

The Global Spirits Masters – The Spirits Business

Launched in 2008, The Global Spirits Masters has continued to seek and reward excellence from across the world, encouraging recognition among consumers and trade for quality in spirits.

Judging for The Global Spirits Masters is divided into 18 separate competitions to ensure each spirit category is given the utmost attention by specialised judges.

For the past decade, the Masters has sought to retain its individuality as the only blind spirits tasting competition to use carefully selected and completely independent judges, including experienced bartenders, spirits journalists, and spirits educators. Entrants can rest assured that their product has been measured constructively and without bias by the panels of trained professionals.

Great Taste Award

Great Taste, organised by the Guild of Fine Food, is the acknowledged benchmark for fine food and drink. It has been described as the ‘Oscars’ of the food world and the ‘epicurean equivalent of the Booker prize’. Quite simply the Great Taste logo is the sign you can trust when buying food and drink in your local, quality retailer.

In 2018 over 500 judges, including specially trained food writers inputting judges’ comments, came together at 65 judging days from March through to early July. Judging took place at Guild HQ in Dorset and the permanent office, event and judging venue close to Borough Market, London. The judges, from all corners of the food world, blind-taste in teams of 3 or 4 ensuring they get a balance of expertise, age and gender.

The Gin Guide Awards

The Gin Guide launched in 2015 with the aim of impartially helping people to discover new gins and new ways to enjoy gin, supporting the industry, and ultimately helping gin producers to get their gin in more people’s glasses and sell more bottles.

Judging for The Gin Guide Awards is carried out by an expert panel of judges with experience across gin production, marketing, events and mixology, and on-trade and off-trade, to achieve a comprehensive view of each entry. Each gin is scored against The Gin Guide’s own scorecard system, featuring: Appearance, Aroma, Taste, Mouthfeel, Finish, Overall Balance & Appeal.

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